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Hi Ugly started out as just a phrase a term of endearment used by my Mother and my Aunties whenever they would greet one another or talked over the phone.

They would say, "Hi Ugly what you doin'?!!"


 I asked My Auntie Peggy, "Why do y’all always say that to each other?"


My Aunt told me, "Ugly is just a acronyms meaning U Gotta Love Yaself".


I adopted the phrase and used it as a term of endearment with My siblings and friends.


In 2016 My Lil Cuzn Princess asked Me to make her a hat that said Hi Ugly on the front, that’s when I came up with the idea of making a whole clothing line that says Hi Ugly!!


For more info contact the creator, TJ and the

Hi Ugly Team:
Telephone: 347-431-548

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